My diabetes is gone

Imagine how shocked I was when my medical doctor confirmed that I had diabetes 5 years ago. I asked the doctor – Is it normal for a young person to get diabetes as I am only 25 years? “Oh yes, you can even be born with it”. The answer really calmed me down although deep down I knew I was doomed. My medical doctor tried to explain that my life was not over yet and that I could still do something though it would not be easy and I said “why not!” He recommended me a website where I can find useful information on how to tackle diabetes head on naturally.

After visiting as recommended, I learnt several things that I should do to get rid of my diabetes. Promptly, I prepared a schedule and a list of the items that were recommended on the site. After that, I did the following almost every day for 1 year and 2 months:

  • I took one teaspoon of karela (bitter gourd) juice each morning.
  • I soaked one tablespoon of methi (fenugreek) seeds in the water in the evening, drunk that water on the following morning and consumed the soaked seeds.
  • I washed a green banana and peeled it only to put the peel in a jug. I filled the jug with water which I drunk three times a day.
  • I took fifteen new fresh mango leaves and boiled them with one glass of water. Then kept them overnight. I drunk the mixture after filtering.
  • I Consumed 3 to 4 grapefruits thrice in a day to bring my blood glucose level down.
  • I took the powder of the methi (fenugreek) seeds 2 to 3 times to control the sugar in both blood and urine.
  • I heated up a tablespoon of kalonji (dark cumin seeds) in a glass of water until it reduced to half. Then I could take it.
  • I prepared natural tea with powdered fried wheat and fenugreek.
  • I took evening and morning strolls each having not less than 45 minutes.


Guess what happened when I went for a checkup again after that long period of time! I knelt down and said “thank you God for curing me”.